Julie Guest Direct Response Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author

Understanding Why Prospects Buy...

We humans are a highly complex and mysterious bunch.  Have you ever made a decision and were left scratching your head 10 minutes later wondering how did that happen?  Take this dive into some basic buyer behavior and psychology and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your sales copy... 1.    We make decisions based on emotion but we justify with logic. Contrary to what you might have been lead to believe, humans are first and foremost an emotional bunch.  We decide whether we’re buying based on a feeling, or an emotion. That’s why using intangible benefits are the keys to persuasion. When you’re writing, you should ask yourself, “What is the emotional hot button here?” Then our rational selves kicks in and our mind rushes to justify the purchase with logic.  For example a man sees an advertisement for a sports car and instantly falls in love.  However he can’t bring himself to buy the car based on that feeling, so he devours the copy for technical details about the powerful engine, the safety features, and low maintenance. He wants the car because it makes him feel good. But he’ll buy it only when he can justify the purchase rationally.

2.    We love to buy. While no one likes a pushy sales person, people love to buy. They love to discover wonderful new products and experiences. They love having a new shiny object to show off or carry around.  While no one likes to feel like they’re being “sold to,” conversely we love to buy.  That’s why it’s so critical that you write your sales copy based on their needs (and not your own).

3.    We’re a naturally suspicious bunch. This has never been more true than in this new economy.   Money is being spent much more judiciously by a more cautious consumer who’s striving to be sensible and responsible.  Risk avoidance is at an all time high which is why using copy that overcomes a person’s objections and includes proof is now a basic requirement of your copy.

4.    We love being shown an advantage: the thing people want to know above everything else is: what will your product do for me? Show people, in words or pictures – what they can save, gain, or accomplish with your product..how it will increase their mental, physical, financial, social, social or emotional satisfaction, well being, or security.  Show people in words or pictures (or both) what risks, losses, worries, mistakes, doubts your product will help them avoid, lessen or eliminate.

Most people don’t bother to understand what makes their prospects and customers tick.  They’re all about “pushing” out their products and services to the market in the hopes that someone will want to buy.  This is a very hard (and a very lazy) way to market your business.  The secret to getting your prospects and customers to eagerly anticipate your marketing (yes it’s possible, and easy), is to read their minds..and then give them exactly what they want!