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See ya – I’m off to Ireland for Christmas!

Wow, isn’t it unbelievable that we’re about to close out 2011?  I’ve got no idea where this year went! My daughter and I are spending Christmas with my big brother and his family in Ireland (he married an Irish girl – we’re an international family that’s for sure!).  My mom is also going to be there, she’s flying up from New Zealand, so it will be a good opportunity for her to spend some quality time with her granddaughter.  This would usually mean I get to sleep in!  Except, I know my two nephews and niece will be waking me up by jumping on my bed and saying in their thick Irish accents “wake UP Aunt-tay Julie, it’s time to go play!

This will be my second overseas trip this year (we were in New Zealand in February), and while I’m not crazy about airports or spending long amount of time compressed in a tiny metal canister zinging through the sky at crazy speeds, I love spending time in “other” slices of paradise.  I’m just so grateful that I’ve been able to build a business that allows me this kind of flexibility and incredible opportunity to do the things I love.

Which brings me to two of my new year’s resolutions for 2012.  Both begin with the word P – standing for Prolific and Process – by prolific I mean you’re going to be hearing a lot more from me starting early next year – more great moneymaking marketing tips, tricks and shortcuts, more webinars and teleseminars, more blog posts, more video blogs.

And the second “P” – Process: as you know marketing in business should never be a random or sporadic act.  Marketing is NOT an event – it’s a process.  It needs to be scheduled, dependable, regular and automated as much as possible so that it gets done without relying on you to remember or find time.  I’m going to be focusing a lot more on implementing automated marketing processes in my business and I’m going to help you do it in yours too.

Well, our bags aren’t even close to being packed yet and I’ve still got about 10 things left on my “to do” list so I’d better get going

From my family to yours - wishing you a magical holiday season and an abundant, phenomenal new year!

You might be hearing from me while I’m in Ireland, so keep an eye out!  Until then…

To your success!

Warm regards,