Julie Guest Direct Response Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author

Prospect Follow Up Equals Great Customer Service

Do you have a list of prospects sitting on your desk who you need to follow up with… but keep putting it off? In my experience, it’s usually due to fear – you don’t want to be rejected or be told no, or get that sinking feeling when someone says they don’t want to work with you. Getting rejected is about as much fun as having a double root canal without anesthetic, and I completely understand why you’d feel this way.

But here’s what I want you think about to help you bust through this fear.

First of all, what’s the reason you do what you do? You’re a warrior – a successful entrepreneur who’s triumphed when others would have given up, time and time again. When the going got tough you could have easily thrown in the towel long ago and gone to work for someone else. There’s a reason that you’re doing what you’re doing for a living. What is that reason?

Chances are you love to help a certain type of person solve a specific problem.


And I’d bet that it’s your ability to help others that drives you to do the work you do. But, for some reason, in that moment where you decide whether to do your follow up calls with prospects or not – you’re FORGETTING the call is not actually about you. It’s not about being liked or being rejected.  Actually, the follow up call has nothing to do with you at all.

It has to do with helping people make the right decision for themselves.

Your prospects NEED your services.  You make their lives better and easier if they work with you.  You help them solve a problem they’ve been grappling with that has likely been causing them some level of misery.  If you look at your job in this light – then by NOT following up you’re actually hurting your prospects, because you’re depriving them the use of your services.  For example, if there's someone struggling with their marketing or suffering from the stress of wild swings in income – I'm there to help them, to explain how the kind of marketing I teach is so much easier to grab ahold of, more fun to implement and much more effective.  I can't bear the thought of someone suffering that gut wrenching fear and not knowing when the next paycheck will arrive.

Do you see how this is completely different?

Try visualizing some of those prospects who need follow up as lying awake night after night worrying at 1am about their problem and how you can help them solve it.

Remember, the reason you want to make those follow up calls is because they are another way for you to serve others.  It’s your job to help move your clients to the next level.  One of my favorite quotes is from Zig Ziglar: “You can have everything you want in life, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

Taking this approach to your follow up calls removes all the anxiety.  Now it’s about you providing great customer service, which will help you do your calls from a place of problem solving – instead of selling.

Andwhen you care so deeply about your prospects, you’ll also find that you love to be on the phone with them; whether they choose to work with you or not – that decision is all about them, not you.  It’s about the difference you make. Don’t go into the false notion that it’s about you and closing the sale. It has nothing to do with that. This is all about customer service and helping people get what they want.

The next time you notice yourself shrinking to make those follow up calls, remember that your job is all about being of service.  They need you.  You make their lives so much better.  You can help them get what they truly want. Then, pick up that phone and dial!

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