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Justin Flies Around World, Sniffing Girl In Ad – Out. Getting “Older & Fatter Ad With Jimmy Kimmel”– In.

Here's a reprint of my article that I featured in this month's Marketing Dynamite newsletter: In May of this year, Justin sent his Belieber’s into a fit of pre-teen, pubescent ecstasy by releasing his long awaited perfume “Someday.”

Now I have to confess that the first time I ever saw the Bieb-meister on tv I didn’t get the hair, the 6-year-old looks, or the hooded sweatshirt-moon walking-moves-in red-basketball sneakers.

Still, I’m not his target market either.

But, as a talent he’s undeniable.  And, as a marketing juggernaut, he’s unstoppable.

Enter “Someday.”  The Bieb’s long-awaited eau-de-Justin.

His original ad was lame to say the least and drew fire for blah-ness.  But, judging from skyrocketing sales of Someday, who cares if the first ad was terrible?

Well, Justin must have.  Or his handlers.  In a good show of humor he’s teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel on a second commercial for “Someday” – it’s a spoof of the first one. This time, it’s funny and brilliant.

Here's the old lame Someday Ad

Unfortunately NBC have blocked the new version being released on YouTube :(, so here's the link to watch it on NBC's website...