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How to Beat the Blank Page Blues

Staring at that horrid white page when you’ve got a deadline to meet or a campaign to run is about as much fun as a trip to the vet to get your temperature checked. So here’s a handy, dandy summary of a few shortcuts to keep your creative copywriting juices flowing and that sales letter written:

  1. Use a swipe file. Start collecting copies of any ads you love or great marketing you receive. Go do some research on the internet and print out copies of old ads (there’s gold in those old things I’m telling ya). The easiest way to write a new ad is to rewrite an existing one. Even if it’s just a starting point. My Mom’s swipe file is 3 filing cabinets full already. Start swiping (but swipe responsibly). Never plagiarize or the boogey man will get you. Never copy someone else’s stuff – get inspiration from it, yes. But steal? No.
    1. Read forums and trade magazines. This is a good way to find out what your customers are thinking about (and it will help you get out of your own head too). A copywriting tip – it’s not what you think that matters, it only matters what your customers think!
    2. Devour great copy. Fill your head with the best stuff you can find. Certainly anything that I’ve written makes the grade, oh and what my Mom writes, of course. But go back to the old masters like Robert Collier, David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert and start studying the old dudes.
    3. Avoid reading bad marketing like the plague. Garbage in, garbage out. That’s all I’m gonna say on this one.
    4. Don’t look at what your competitors are doing for inspiration. This only results in you creating more of the same boring marketing that everyone else is doing.
    5. Subscribe to a great marketing newsletter. This is a no brainer. You’re never going to get better at marketing unless you start investing in a real marketing education. Being a Gold Stampede member would be a darn good start and would get you a copy of our full color, 10-page plus marketing newsletter that rocks da house (plus a bunch of other cool stuff every month). Find out more about Gold Stampede!

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