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Copywriting Tips For Bloggers

Bear the Rottie
Bear the Rottie

Copywriting Tips From The Couch - By Bear the Rottie - Chief Co-Squirrel Hunter and Head Copywriter at The Client Stampede. This week’s edition of Copywriting Tips From the Couch comes to you from the basement.  It’s been a scary week at our house with all that weather blowing over from Hurricane Sandy, and I’m not sure I’m quite ready to venture upstairs again.  Anyhow, this week here are some copywriting tips to help you write a better blog post.

  1. Pack a punch with your headline to hook the reader by talking about something important to them (not you).  Here’s the thing about blog posts.  For them to be successful and widely read, they have to written in a lively manner and they have to cover content of interest and value to your readers (not necessarily you).  Your headline should be the strongest part of your blog post – not just an after thought.  So take some time to make it impossible to ignore.
  2. Great blog posts (like great copywriting) are addictive.  They suck the reader in and leave them wanting more.  One of my mentors once told me that great copy should read like crack cocaine.  That’s the secret of developing a loyal following.
  3. It’s not true that blog posts have to be short.  They can be, but if they’re well written and entertaining (and addictive) to read, people will devour as many words as you can write.