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7 secrets To Maximize The Key Words In Your Headlines (Kick-Butt for Web and Print Marketing)

Secret 1 Begin your headline with "How To"How to keep your husband home...and happy How to end your money worries once and for all How to do Central America on $11 a day

Secret 2 Begin your headline with "Who Else" Who else wants a whiter wash...without using nasty chemicals? Who else has thinning hair? Who else wants a radiant complexion in 27 days?

Secret 3 Begin your headline with "Which" Which of these batteries is the best value for your Chevy? Which of these 5 skin troubles would you like to end? Which stocks will outperform the S&P 500 over the next 12 months?

Secret 4 Begin your headline with "Wanted" Wanted: Safe Men For Dangerous Times (advert for security guards) Wanted. Autographs and historical documents Wanted. A Few Good Men. (Recruiting slogan of the US Marine Corps)

Secret 5 Begin your headline with the word "Because" Because you care about your pet. (dog food) Because fleas come back.

Secret 6 Use a testimonial style headline Why I cried after the ceremony I was going broke - so I started reading the Wall Street Journal After months in the Sahara desert, not only do we swear by this protection system, our camels love it too. (clothing) Do you have any idea how much fat is in this rich, creamy pudding? None.

Secret 7 Offer the Reader a test Can your kitchen pass the guest test? Can you pass this writing test? Can your scalp pass the fingernail test?

Happy headline writing! :)