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5 Easy Copywriting Tips to Connect with Your Audience

Ruff! How’s your August shaping up?  Gotta go buy the kids new gear for school?  I’ve put in a special request for a new dog bed for fall but I think I might be SOL… I might just have to start chewing the corners and blame it on Tucker…. This week I wanted to share 5 easy ways to check that your copy is connecting with your clients and “not missing the mark” as that’s what this week’s ezine is all about.

Here goes:

Copywriting Tip #1 - Make sure when copywriting that you use friendly, easy to understand language.  Imagine you’re chewing the fat with a new friend – how would you speak to them?  Write your copy as if it’s only being written to one person, not broadcast to the masses. Copywriting Tip #2 - Keep yourself in check.  Stop talking about you and your business and start talking about the customer.  Walk a mile in their slippers as I say. Copywriting Tip #3 - Ditch the fancy words.  Write for a 5th grader.  People (and dogs), know a lot less than you give ‘em credit for.  Yes, this applies even if you’re an attorney or financial planner.  The real skill is in taking the complex and making it brain dead simple.  Any twit can turn up something complex. Copywriting Tip #4 - Use short paragraphs in your copywriting to make reading easy on the eye Copywriting Tip #5 - Use a powerful headline and intro paragraph to sock ‘em between the eyes and keep them hanging onto the edge of their seats ‘til the very last word you write.

That’s all from me – ‘til next week