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3 Easy Ways To Become The Tall Poppy In An Over Crowded Marketplace

Have you noticed that eating out isn’t what it used to be? The wait staff barely knows what’s on the menu, service is lousy, and the food rarely measures up to the hype? I don’t mean to pick on the restaurant industry but it’s a great example of a business epidemic that’s wreaking havoc and running rampant across every single industry. When I buy something now, I almost expect to be disappointed. The hiking shoes that were meant to have a 5 year sole on them, cracked and in the trash after two. The plumber who says he’ll be there between 9 and 11 - shows up at 3 p.m. with no explanation.

The bottom line – service has gone out the window in a hand basket and becoming a new customer doesn’t mean anything any more. At least not the majority of businesses who are too short sighted to see that the objective of getting a new customer is NOT to make a sale – it’s to build a relationship.

All of this is excellent news for you and your business. It means it's never been easier to make your business look amazing and attract the hordes of unhappy customers away from your competition.

Here are 3 easy ways to become the tall poppy in your marketplace

1) Keep your promises. Sound ridiculously simple, because it is. Do what you say you’re going to do. And then do more. In my consulting and copywriting business I have a client retention rate that’s more than double the industry average. Why? Because we offer exceptional service to our clients. One time that meant hopping in the car and driving 300 miles to hand deliver a box of printed marketing collateral to a client event because the printer had messed up the delivery. Another time it meant working on a last minute campaign for 3 solid days to help a client take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime. Whatever you do in your business, do it so well that people can’t help telling others about you.

2) Make a big deal of people becoming a new customer. It takes courage and faith for someone to do business with you – especially in this day and age. Don’t take them for granted. Send them a Welcome to the Family package. Help confirm their decision that they have made an excellent choice in selecting you (and prevent buyers remorse at the same time). Not too long ago I created a new client welcome kit for a cosmetic surgeon as part of an overall strategy to increase not just the retention rate but to hike up the average spend per patient. Average annual spend leaped from $2370 to $7560.

3) Never be boring with your marketing Every marketing piece your company puts out either brings clients and prospects one step closer to do business with you – or it makes them take a step back. If your marketing is dull, lifeless, boring and looks just the same as everyone else you’re confusing your prospects. How are they supposed to tell that your business is the one they should pick? Be bold. Push the envelope and stop hiding behind a personality-less corporate brand. People love being entertained and they love receiving the unexpected. A funny animated video with a poignant sales message. A sales letter delivered in a mini trash can. A surprise “thank you gift” for purchasing.

Try any or all of these strategies in your business and you will be AMAZED at the results you get. I guarantee it.